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Life has finally gotten to a point where I have a chance to sit down and make a blog post! We moved back to the states on May 27 and from about May 15-present my life has been in absolute whirlwind mode. I have been overwhelmed and stressed like no other time in my recent life that I can remember. We were homeless until a couple weeks ago and I counted that we packed up and changed locations 9 times in those 2 months! In June we spent some time in Utah with family. In between and during all of that we bought 2 cars, found a place to live, bought more furniture at one time than I would like to ever do again (bc we didn't have much!),  caught up with more family and friends, Duke started working, moved into our house, and now just trying to live life and make it to a dr's appt for this poor 2nd baby! Let me be the first to tell you, I do not recommend moving overseas while pregnant with a demanding 2 year old. It was absolute crazy town!!! While it has been SO awesome being home and getting to eat watermelon everyday and peaches and nectarines and strawberries and delicious mexican food, I have finally begun to miss Okinawa. This was the biggest/hardest move I've made since moving away for college 11 years ago. I am so excited to be in California though. I'm also super lucky to have some good friends already living right here in the same town and nearby.

I just started Lucy in a preschool program a few days a week and it has been an absolute godsend. I already feel like a better mom and I feel like a person again. I've been in a depressed funk for a while, which I'll write more about in another post, but I have been in 100% survival mode as a mother. Lucy was watching way more tv than I was proud of and I was just trying to catch a nap to feel motivated to something productive each day. I've been feeling better this week though! I'm excited to finish getting moved in and on to exploring more of San Diego and California. I've missed blogging and sharing pictures and writing my thoughts and feelings, so hopefully I can get back into it again before baby #2 comes and life gets crazy again ;). 

Pictures from our time in Park City with my family in June. (when it was freeeeeezing! like 48 degrees!)

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