Hira Taki Waterfall

So this waterfall has been on my Oki bucket list for a while now. I definitely underestimated the turmoil this hike would cause me. There were SO MANY spider webs & spiders! Like every couple feet there would be a massive network of spider webs. Sometimes just layers of them. It was insane and definitely took us a lot longer since we were constantly stopping to knock them down. I'm pretty terrified of spiders so I was hunched over and tense for the entire hour+ hike to the falls. Like my back hurt the rest of the day lol. It was pretty, although I don't think we even made it to the main fall haha. But we decided the one we saw was good enough. It was a beautiful hike, just be prepared for some serious spider web knocking. We also def wore the wrong clothes. We both left with some bites, assumedly from spiders. But most the hike is through the river. Last piece of advice is I wouldn't bring young kids. It's pretty slippery and the path is not well worn at all. In fact if it weren't for the markers I wouldn't have known where the path was. All that said, I had a lot of fun since Joanna was willing to brave the way and knock down the webs while I cowered behind her. 

 When Joanna took a pretty hard fall lol. It was sad but she laughed it off
the waterfall we ended at
 so we got to a point on the trail and it looked like the only way forward was to jump off the stream/waterfall (pictured below) so we stopped to snapchat and then luckily we saw the camouflaged rope of the side of the cliff^. close call lol.
^me the entire hike

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  1. I can totally relate to this becuase I'm literally you in every hike, terrified of spiders and hunch down at the slightest hint that there is one present nearby. Still, glad you had a good time.