McCrory, party of 4

The biggest news around here is that I'm pregnant! That has also been the reason for my absence in blogging. I was too sick most of March to sit at a computer. The good news is that even though I was sick I really don't think it was near as bad as my sickness with Lucy. I could barely eat ANYTHING with Lucy. I remember gagging on a plain piece of bread.

Anyways, I'm 13 weeks and my due date is October 21. Just 4 days before Lucy's birthday! I'm feeling much more normal now days, although I'm still sensitive to smells and have a few lingering food aversions. Like Diet Coke! I love diet coke, but I haven't had one is 7 weeks. Maybe someday...

This first trimester was also different from Lucy's because Duke was gone all of march which was when I was my sickest. It was a bit of a blessing and a curse. A blessing bc I had no one I had to cook for (lucy doesn't eat real food, but that's another topic), I didn't have to smell any food that duke made, and I didn't have to clean up after anyone. Lucy is surprisingly clean haha.

I'm such a sharer and it's always hard for me to keep a pregnancy to myself, so it's nice to have made it this far that I can share the news with friends and family.

Hopefully I can catch back up on blogging. We just had a wonderfullll 4 day weekend in Tokashiki, an island off of Okinawa. Trying to soak up as much of this place as we can in the next month and a half!

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