What I would tell my pre-motherhood self

I've been listening to a podcast called "Extraordinary Moms" on and off for a few months now. The last question the host asks all of her guests is "What would you tell your pre-motherhood self?" Each time she asks I try to think, what would I say? I'm only two years into this journey and I'm sure once I have more kids and have been on my journey longer, my responses will change, but here's my thoughts as of right now:

Even though you've always wanted to be a mom, it will surprise you how hard of an adjustment motherhood is for you.

Your body took 9 months to accommodate the space for this baby. Give yourself 9 months to feel like your normal self. It will go back close to normal eventually. And then accept your body for the miracle it created!

This job will challenge you more than you have ever been challenged before. You're baby will cry.. a lot! But not because you are a bad mom or doing something wrong. Make sure you get out of the house (even though you feel like you can't because your child hates the carseat) and spend time with good friends who are understanding while your husband is working.

You can leave your baby with a sitter or a day care! In fact, it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself and your sanity. Your child will grow and blossom from these changes. Next time, don't wait so long.

Along with the above statement-make sure you're taking care of yourself too. Doesn't matter what, but find alone time, get a manicure, workout--do something that makes you still feel like YOU.

Don't let other mothers choices make you feel bad about the choices you make for your child (still working on this one). You know and love your child best.

Don't assume that your child won't have certain "problems." Be prepared for anything! (like hating food, not wanting to wear clothes, hating you touching their hair, throwing tantrums, and other silly stuff)

Your child will put a lot of stress on your marriage. Communicate and be patient.

Your bond with your husband will grow over the love, adoration and caring for your child.

It is very TRUE that children are different and learn differently. It really and truly means nothing that your child seems to do things "later" than most in the beginning year or so.

Take lots of videos. You forget stuff. And can't believe how little and tiny they used to be!

Your heart will grow 100000 times over.

Your child will be the greatest source of happiness and fulfillment. So press through the hard times and the bad days because it is 1000% worth it.


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    1. Good things to remember. Our parents probably thought the same things about us and we turned out fine.

  2. Love this so so so much. And the videos is the key. Because you really do forget! Even when in the moment you're convinced that there's no way you'll forget those moments, you will. Especially after a couple kids.