Kyoto, again

Ah, Kyoto. Love this place. It can be crowded and overwhelming and yet you can find places to escape all the people and be alone in the same city. This was Duke's first visit and I loved seeing this place in the summer...even though I sweated my face off everyday. Since I took a million pictures I'll break down the posts by day. We arrived in Kyoto in the evening and spent a while wandering around the Imperial Palace grounds. We stayed a couple blocks away from here and we took turns running here each morning for some exercise. It was so nice. Our first day we visited: Otagi Nenbutsu-ji, Adashino Nenbutsu-ji (where we visited the bamboo grove),  and Monkey Mountain. 
a few pictures from running around the Imperial Gardens
 Our Airbnb-I think the only one we stayed in with an actual bed. It was nice.
This is Otagi Nenbutsu-ji. It was such a cool and unique temple. It has 1200 of these little statues called "rakan" or Buddah's disciples. Each has a different facial expression and poses and some of them are entertaining. The other thing I really loved about this temple is that it is not a popular temple by any means. We were the only people there the whole time. Kyoto is a very touristy, busy city and it's nice to be away from the crowds for a bit. We loved exploring this place.
I hate it when the pictures you love turn out blurry! Still love it anyways :)
Lucy pointed out all the statue's noses. :)

This place looks the same-but it's actually a different temple! This is Adashino Nenbutsu-ji. Another Buddhist Temple, where a statue is placed in memory of those who died without family. There's about 8,000 statues. At the end of August the whole place is lit with candles in a ceremony to remember them. The pictures looked beautiful.
Finally made our way up monkey mountain. It was so hot and Lucy insisted on me carrying her, so it was a slow hike up the mountain. At the top are all these monkeys roaming around and you can go in a cage and feed them peanuts and apples. Lucy liked looking but did NOT want to get down. There were signs everywhere saying not to make eye contact with the monkey's lol, my friends had told me they freak out if you make eye contact. Monkey's are freaky!
view from the top
Lucy loved putting on all my clothes in my suitcase haha. After posting and looking at all these pictures 6 months later it looks like it was such a pleasant vacation with a toddler and I have to laugh inside because this was one of more trying trips with her. They definitely have their moments and traveling with babies and toddlers is never as easy as it looks I have learned.

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  1. That picture of Duke and Lucy walking down the stairs is SOOO CUUUUTE!!!