Flying Around Okinawa

I've been begging for Duke to take me flying before we leave Okinawa. I mean, hello, my husband is a pilot and he's never taken me flying! That just seemed wrong to me. It's a lengthy process to be able to check out your own plane, so we ended up tagging along with his co-worker who has already done the whole deal. It was fun to see him flying to get a tiny taste of what he does and I even got to do a little flying myself!! We flew up the east side of Okinawa to Yuron-the island just to the north of Okinawa. Then back down the west coast to Kadena. My only job when I was flying was to keep us flying straight and at 1500 ft. It was cool, but I'm happier just looking out the window and being along for the ride haha. I was a little bummed it was an overcast day bc the water is never as pretty as on a nice sunny day, but it was still so beautiful. I feel so lucky to have called this little island home for 3+ years.
 That's Miyagi and Ikei Island^
Yuron Island^
 Landed in Yuron, then flew back
 The ocean is my favorite color
 This is me flying-but looking over at the altitude. 
 The aqaurium and Expo Park! A dolphin show was going on lol
 Flying over the island made me wish I had time to explore all the beaches I saw. I love the beach!
 maeda point-with all the boat divers
 Zanpa lighthouse!
 I love how much farmland there is in Okinawa.
Landing back at Kadena.


  1. This is the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!! So glad you got to experience this, and a tad jealous lol. But, wow I miss those gorgeous blue waters!

  2. This is so cool! So glad you made Duke take you! Are you using new presets to edit your pics? I love the black and white edit of Duke!

    1. I am! I recently got the bundle pack from @hbgoodie (on instagram) i think her website is ourgoodadventure. I have to tweak them all a little still, but i think i like them! I'm still trying to figure out what style of editing i like, so it might change again haha.