Waterfall Chasing in the Japan Alps!

Once we made to Kamikochi area we checked into our Ryokan. This was my favorite place we stayed! A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese hotel. So it was all tatami mats and we slept on futons on the floor. The best part was the Onsen though. An onsen is a natural hot spring in Japan. It is usually enclosed into a public bathing facility, but can be outdoors too. It's a very popular thing to do in Japan, yet this was my first time. It's a bit of an awkward experience being a Westerner and all, but it was so nice and relaxing! The hotel gave us Yukatas that we wore down to the bathing area. It is separated by male and female. You go into the changing area and completely undress, in front of everyone. Then you have just a small modesty towel and you go into the showering area, where you shower off while sitting on a bucket, again, in front of everyone. Then you go soak in the bathing area. It's a little different than we're used to in America but I loved taking part in their culture.

The day we arrived we had some extra time so we found this waterfall that was a short hike off the road. I love waterfalls!!! As you can tell by the 1000 pictures I took of it! So gorgeous.
I love her little pigtails
 love that little series of Duke & Lucy^^
 Saw these sheep roaming around as we left the waterfall! I loved loved loved exploring this area of Japan. So different from Okinawa and the cities. Next up is Kamikochi!

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