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I've been a bit of a podcast junkie lately. I love listening to them while I'm driving, cooking, cleaning, or walking to the gym. I'm always looking through the charts and listening to new ones, but lately these have been my go-to's. (I listen on my phone with Apple's Podcast app, but I liked to the websites you can listen from as well.)

1. The Extraordinary Mom's Podcast. This podcast focuses on telling other mom's stories. The host, Jessica Dalquist (whose voice is somewhat cloying, but the if you can get past that it's a great one) interviews a different guest for each episode and most of them tend to be insta-famous mom's. I've found some of my favorite accounts to follow through this. But this podcast has really showed me the power in sharing stories. I have cried and laughed during these episodes and some have been life changing! A few of my favorites- Episode 82-Evolving as a Mom with Jenna Rammell, Episode 79-Decluttering with Allie Caasazza, & Episode 43-Learning to Live After a Loss with Kelsey Nixon. She has mom's in ALL walks of life. If you are a mom I think you will enjoy!

2. Coffee + Crumbs. You may be familiar with their blog. Their blog is so great and they have a fantastic writing team. This one is again about motherhood. They read essays written by their writers (which are beautiful), interview moms, and discuss topics amongst themselves. I have really enjoyed listening along and getting ideas in parenting. Episode 19 was a favorite-When Love Feels Heavy with N'tima Preusser. She has an essay by the same name on their blog and no piece of literature has ever resonated with me so clearly as a new mom. When Lucy was new and crying all the time. I would read that post and just cry. Because I was right there, and the love felt heavy. I have read it over and over and over. She's a beautiful writer and I loved listening to her experiences.

3. Awesome with Alison. This one just launched but I've listened to all 4 episodes and have felt inspired. Her goal is to make you feel uplifted and awesome after listening and I think she does a good job. I've followed Alison for a long time on social media. I love her, though she can be a little obnoxious/narcissistic at times, but I still like her a lot nonetheless. She has some really good insights that anyone can benefit from. I loved her Episode 3- Are you having enough fun?! Susan Petersen from Freshly Picked is on the episode too.

4. Freakonomics Radio. Love this one! If you loved the books and love information, you will love this. I haven't been listening to it lately, but it's a goodie. It discusses all kinds of topics. My favorite episode was the rebroadcast of "How Much Does the President Really Matter?". I also loved "How to Become Great at Just About Anything". Good stuff on here.

Honorable Mentions: Stuff You Should Know- Duke and I always listen to this in the car together, bc it's the only one we agree on. This American Life, Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

I would love hear your favorites if you have any!

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