Hira Taki Waterfall

So this waterfall has been on my Oki bucket list for a while now. I definitely underestimated the turmoil this hike would cause me. There were SO MANY spider webs & spiders! Like every couple feet there would be a massive network of spider webs. Sometimes just layers of them. It was insane and definitely took us a lot longer since we were constantly stopping to knock them down. I'm pretty terrified of spiders so I was hunched over and tense for the entire hour+ hike to the falls. Like my back hurt the rest of the day lol. It was pretty, although I don't think we even made it to the main fall haha. But we decided the one we saw was good enough. It was a beautiful hike, just be prepared for some serious spider web knocking. We also def wore the wrong clothes. We both left with some bites, assumedly from spiders. But most the hike is through the river. Last piece of advice is I wouldn't bring young kids. It's pretty slippery and the path is not well worn at all. In fact if it weren't for the markers I wouldn't have known where the path was. All that said, I had a lot of fun since Joanna was willing to brave the way and knock down the webs while I cowered behind her. 

 When Joanna took a pretty hard fall lol. It was sad but she laughed it off
the waterfall we ended at
 so we got to a point on the trail and it looked like the only way forward was to jump off the stream/waterfall (pictured below) so we stopped to snapchat and then luckily we saw the camouflaged rope of the side of the cliff^. close call lol.
^me the entire hike


Osprey Wives

Way back in August of last year Duke's squadron got a photographer to do a fun shoot with some of the wives. A LOT of wives aren't pictured but I thought it was a fun idea. It was meant to be 40's themed and I was only going to do the pictures in the flight suit, but they put me in with the gals in dresses too. That's why I stick out like a sore thumb in some of them. La La Noble photography took the pictures!


Tokashiki Island

This past weekend Duke had Thursday and Friday off so we spent 4 days on Tokashiki Island, a small island west of Okinawa. It's part of the Kerama Islands and these islands are truly one of my favorite places in the entire world. They have crazy beautiful beaches, have only quaint, basic accommodations and provide a quiet peaceful atmosphere where you can really relax and just soak it alllll in. Especially true if you go in off season, which is generally when we go. We stayed at Tokashiku Marine Village which is right on Tokashiku beach and was perfect! (although the food they provide was a bit lacking in my opinion). 

We basically spent our days relaxing on the beach. On Friday we spent most the day at Aharen beach and kayaked to a small island. Saturday we drove to some of the southern beaches and Sunday we just spent on our beach before we left. It was a lovely little get away!!
 ^loved this sign
 We originally stayed in the traditional Japanese room. We've stayed in many of these throughout Japan and neither of us have ever had a problem, but these mats were SO uncomfortable, we both had a terrible nights sleep and were hurting so we switched to beds. Just FYI if you stay there.
 view from the room
exploring the island we kayaked to!
 We came across a bunch of artillery shells obviously from WWII that had washed up shore and had just been left. I thought it was pretty cool to see.
 The water was a little too chilly for me, I snorkeled with a wetsuit, but Duke gets in it year round!
 Beautiful Aharen beach^
exploring some of the southern beaches
 my fav^^
 Site of a mass suicide during WWII. Seriously one of the saddest parts of this war was how many civilians killed themselves due to misinformation.
 Where Tokashiki is in comparison to Okinawa^
Ok these girls were maybe my favorite part of the trip. At least that of that day. Lucy fell asleep in the car so we had parked at this overlook and were just hanging out when this group of girls ran over to the lookout. They were literally just STARING through our windows and so I pulled out my phone to take a picture and they all immediately posed. Girls after my own heart.
A few hours later they were on the same ferry as us back to Okinawa. They came to where we were and we hung out until the boat docked at Okinawa. They pretty much spoke zero english, but we chatted through google translate. They're all from Tokashiki and were doing some volleyball thing in Okinawa. That part was a bit lost in translation. It's fun to meet locals who are as obsessed with you as you are with them. haha! They loved Lucy and my favorite was at the end the kept holding out their hands for a high five and saying "touch touch!" to Lucy. Lucy was handing out high fives like she was Beyonce at a concert. It was cracking me up. Loved running into these sweet girls.