My favorite things

I'm no Oprah, but I have some favorite things too. I love when people share their favorite things, so I thought I'd share some of mine!

1. Maskcara HAC Pallate: This is a foundation/blush/illumator pallate that was developed by the beauty blogger Cara Brook of Maskcara. I bought it about a year ago and loved it, but when I ran out of my highlight color I decided to to go back to bareminerals and then estee lauder. A couple days ago I went back to this and wondered why I ever strayed. It seriously is amazing and SO easy to use and I feel pretty when I use it. She has a ton of tutorials on her website and is really helpful if you need help identifying your shade. Also their customer service is amazing! I ordered too light a color back in May, used it twice, and then just set it aside. I just emailed them and they are going to exchange it for me. I can't recommend enough!

2. Zella Live-in Leggings: These are my favorite leggings I have ever owned. And I've owned a few in my lifetime. I actually bought mine 3 years ago and they are still my very favorite. I've never worn lululemon, but I have heard they are comparable, but for much cheaper! I also read somewhere that Zella hired an old Lululemon product manager to develop their line, so there's that. Also! I've seen them in Nordstrom's anniversary sale several times. Yay for deals!

3. NARS Lip Pencil: I've been obsessed with these for several years too. They are just the best! My favorite color is Luxembourg, but they are all good and have their place. They're a little pricey for lipstick, but they go on like butter and stay really well. NARS is my personal favorite for lipsticks.

4. Boom Chicka Pop: A list of my favorite things would not be complete without food. These two popcorns have been my go-to snack the last few months. I'm a big snacker and need something to munch on without eating 5000 calories. Especially while I've been doing my sugar fast this month the regular flavor has been my best friend. I literally go through a bag every 2 days or so eek!

5. Olaplex: Ok hi, this stuff is amazing! Back in October I did an all-over bleach and my hair basically died. It was real bad. I was using Living Proof's Restorative Mask overnight every time I washed my hair, and although I believe that stuff is great, my hair still sucked. I just got my hair done by someone else and she did a salon olaplex treatment and my hair is CHANGED! It's honestly back to it's pre-bleached state and it is truly amazing! You can read more about it on their site if you are curious. I just ordered an at home treatment Olaplex no. 3 (pictured). The salon treatment is called Olaplex no. 2 and is just a more concentrated product if I understand correctly. I bought mine on Amazon naturally.

6. Peppermint M&M's: My one true holiday love has been the peppermint Hershey kisses for a long time. And I still love them. But I discovered these recently (right before my sugar fast of course!). I think they taste more or less the same and you can eat more for less calories. Win-win. Although it didn't take me more than a few days to eat the whole bag.

Maybe you'll find something you like too! I think I'll try to do this more regularly!


  1. I would love to see a before and after with the maskcara makeup! I love looking at her before/afters, but one done by you just might convince me to buy it for myself.