My Favorite Things: Baby Edition

To go along with my personal favorite things, here is a post with my favorite baby things! I partnered with The Baby Cubby for this post and want to take a minute to tell you why. I had the chance to visit their brick and mortar store in Utah back in April. I was so impressed! I didn't even realize they had an online shop until recently! It is a very cool and unique store. They carry the big brand items which is nice, but I loved it because they carry some of the cute, small shop baby goods that I follow on Instagram. Plus they had a cute, little play area for the kiddos to entertain themselves while you shop.

Before we had Lucy I spent HOURS researching ALL the gear to make sure I was getting the best product for the best price. The Baby Cubby spends hundreds of hours researching products so that you don't have to waste your life away. Their team is made up of parents who know what it's like. They also price match everyday--even with Amazon--and offer free shipping nationwide for purchases over $49. Go check them out at Babycubby.com. You can also find them across social media. I like seeing their toy tutorials on their Instagram to learn about some of the cool toys out there. I truly think they are a cool company or else I wouldn't have agreed to share about their store.

1: Happy Baby Wrap: I will forever sing the praise of these things! I wore Lucy in a wrap almost everyday for the first few months but still here and there for up to a year. The ergo seemed too big and clunky for a newborn and we didn't have the infant insert. This is how I cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped, ran errands, went through the airport and got some baby snuggles in. I had the Solly baby, but the Happy Baby wrap is the same thing for a cheaper price point. Win-win. Not to mention the wrap makes a pretty cute accessory ;).

2. BOB stroller: Love this thing. My main pitch to Duke for buying it was for all the running I was going to do post-baby. That was very ambitious of me ;). It is a fantastic running stroller and I have done a bit of running with it. However I love how it is all terrain. You can really take this thing anywhere. We bring this thing to the beach and it rolls through that sand like nobody's business. You're average stroller will not do that!

3. Covered Goods: I know there is a whole movement right now to normalize breastfeeding and that is good and great. But not everyone is comfortable bearing all, and I think it is polite when other men are around to cover up. This thing was REALLLY nice being a first time mom that had no idea how to nurse at first. Instead of dealing with a blanket or even one of those things that hangs around your neck, you are completely covered 360. I really loved mine and got a lot of use out of it in the beginning when I needed it. I got better at being discreet as Lucy got older. This brand has a ton of cute styles.

4. Ergo 360: So you may wonder, do you really need a wrap and an ergo?? My answer is yes :). The wrap is awesome for little babies, but the ergo still works for Lucy who is 2. I actually started off with the regular Ergo, but after trying out my sister's Ergo 360 I upgraded. The 360 lets you wear the baby facing out, in, or in some kind of sling position that I've never bothered to figure out. We love this when hiking or at the airport.

5. Freshly Picked Moccasins: I love cute things so naturally these made the cut. Lucy's first shoes were a pair of moccasins and we've received lots of compliments on them over the past couple years. I started off buying cheaper brand knockoffs, but recently bought my first pair of Freshly Picked. They are the ones who really popularized them and they have extremely cute and always changing styles. If you want a cute kid, you gotta go for the moccs!

6. BabyLit books: These are really cute books based on classic literature stories. I'm a sucker for the cute illustrations.

7. Swaddles: Gotta have the swaddles! Use them as a blanket, a swaddle, a burp cloth, a car seat cover, a changing pad, whatever you want. These Little Unicorn swaddles have a ton of cute prints. Can't go wrong.

8. Puj Tub: I bought this tub based on a few things-1. I like the way it looked, 2, it had good reviews, and 3, I really did not want a bulky tub that I had to store somewhere. This lays totally flat when not in use and we just hang it on the back of our door on a hook. It is the best baby tub out there if you ask me!

Thank you to the Baby Cubby for partnering with me for this post! 


  1. How cool they asked you to do this! I love that store!! I pretty much have everything on your list except the puj tub. Remember how my mom made fun of us "oki moms" who just talked about baby brands all the time?? It's because word of mouth was all we had out there!! Ha.

    1. hahahah I forgot about that! we're the same :) Miss you friend

  2. YES Solly & Covered Goods & Puj!!!! I use those soooo much. And the Ergo 360° is awesome. I haven't found the same level of love for moccs yet but it could happen.

  3. I'm with Annie, I seriously have everything on here except the tub! I love love love all these things! Also, I am so so happy everyone was happy and used their baby shower presents. One of my biggest worries is that the items I buy for presents will never get used. But, I will guarantee anything on this list will for sure be used and LOVED. Great post!

    1. well it's easy when you give the best present ever!! thanks katelyn! love you!