Lucy turns 2

Our sweet little Lucy Joy turned 2 years old on October 25! My family sang to Lucy and I both before we flew back to Okinawa and then we waited to celebrate Lucy's birthday with friends until Duke got home. Oh my little Lucy, where do I start? She has truly been my greatest challenge in life but also my greatest joy and fulfillment. Funny how those go hand in hand. Luckily the joy is what makes the demands and challenges of motherhood so worth it. This stage she is in right now is my favorite. She is saying more words, and although it's really difficult to distinguish what she is saying at times, I still feel like, hey! we're communicating! This is awesome! She loves to smoosh her face against mine really hard and hug my neck tight. It's a little uncomfortable, but heart-meltingly sweet. She's learning her shapes and she knows her colors for the most part. When she's watching something about colors on tv or reading in a book, she goes around the room and points to everything that is the same color. She loves animals and animal noises. She's become more concerned with Winston these days, which she pronounces "nin-nin". If he is upstairs sleeping, but not on his bed, she insists that he "comes" to his bed. Or if we fill up his food or water bowl, she thinks he needs to get over there right away and eat. I'm not sure how Winston feels about it all. My favorite though is when Winston runs out the door and I raise my voice to yell, "winston!" "come!" and she does the same. Kills me every time!

I think she is going through a growth spurt right now. She's been sleeping in till about 9/930 and the other day I had to wake her up at 11!!!!! I was starting to get concerned, but today she woke up at 830. We put her down at about 8 these days. I like to think of it as her Christmas present to me!

Lucy, when you read this later on in life I hope you know how much we love you! We love you like crazy! We always try to let you beat to your own drum as you like to do and live life the way you'd like. I hope you continue your determined attitude and love for life. I'm so happy I get to be your mama! And I can't believe it's been 2 years!
 The rest of these are from her birthday party. I found this unicorn cake on pinterest and knew I had to find someone to make it! I used SugarArt here in Okinawa and I highly recommend her. The ears, eyes and horn were made with while chocolate-no fondant! Although it started getting droopy ears bc it was so hot outside. whoops. But the whole cake tasted AMAZING! 
 The bubble maker was a hit^
 My little birthday girl!
 She went to TOWN on that unicorn horn! What are birthday's for if not a sugar coma?!
 Her friend drew had just dumped out all the balls and Lucy is saying "do???" what did you do?!
 little cute friends
It was fun watching her actually unwrap her presents for the first time. She's just too much!

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