Azalea Festival!

The Higashi Village Azalea Festival was way back in March! I actaully tried to blog about it earlier, but something happened to my post and it got deleted after I had down a lot of work, so I gave up. However, this place needs to be recorded in my blog! I loved it, obviously. It's a bit north of us, about an hour and  half I believe, so we decided to test luck and threw Lucy in the car. Pretty much ever since she has learned to walk it has become difficult to bring her places. She doesn't like the stroller, occasionally will be content in a carrier, but mostly she wants to get down and walk on her own and in her own direction. She keeps life interesting.
The park was great! It's a pretty big park with paved paths and azaleas all around. We got some fair food and mostly let Lucy be our guide. Okinawa several different flower events throughout the spring and I think I have been to all of them now! There are a couple that I would like to try to go to next year again bc I didn't get there at peak season. The lily festival was a littler premature when I went and the iris's when almost if not already dead. The love for flowers here is really one of my favorite things about being out here. I don't remember any flower events like this growing up in the midwest/south. I gotta enjoy them while I can!
i love the lush okinawa greenery against the beautiful flowers in this one^
She looks so much younger to me in this picture! I guess it was 4+ months ago:)
sweet as a pea when things are done on her agenda ;)

 loved how she carried her dolly the whole entire time
 picking and throwing flowers...she's very respectful ;)
 my love
the many faces of lulu
 some goldfish and a dolly what more do you need?


  1. gorgeous pictures! lucy is so cheesy with her smiles i love it.

  2. Oh goodness, I love all of your pictures! I will have to try my best to make it up next year- such a beautiful park with such pretty colors!