Reading: Rising Strong by Brene Brown. I have loved her TED talks and articles I have come across on the web, so I decided to check out her most recent book. I'm only a few pages in, so we shall see. Next on my list is Love and Logic bc I need parenting help. And The One Thing which Duke is currently reading and says he thinks this book will help me bc I'm all over the place ha.

Listenting: Freakonomics podcast. Such an interesting podcast. I've really enjoyed their  recent episodes- "how to be great at just about anything" and "how to be more productive". Also listening to the Seize the Day playlist on spotify and I'd say it makes my day more "seizable" if you will.

Going: Planning on FINALLY going to the Kerama islands over memorial day weekend. These islands have some of the prettiest beaches in all of Japanland. They have been on my list forever but just haven't made it out there for so many reasons.

Looking forward to: Keramas trip AND finally getting scuba certified!! My goal is to get it done this month. Okinawa has some amazing diving and I just think it would be a crying shame to not get certified out here. So I'm DOING IT!

Appreciating: Lucy. I recently wrote a post on facebook asking for book recommendations bc she can be a monster sometimes. I was in this "woe is me, what did I do to deserve this child" mode of thinking. Then last night I came across some random post on instagram about this lady who lost her 4 1/2 month old after she had already been born 9 weeks early and had an unknown disorder. They never even got to bring her home from the hospital during her short life. I cried and thought even if Lucy is a monster I'm SO happy she is healthy. What a blessing. I'd rather have a crazy terrible child who is here and healthy than something much worse. And honestly she's not that bad all the time. She has her moments like all toddlers. It's all about perspective!

Enjoying: My husbands job-wait, what?! In February Duke got sent to do a different ground job assignment with a different unit and it has been so awesome! He never has to work late, like ever and it is so much more stress free. It's been nothing short of life changing for us both. I almost wish he could just do this job forever. He still leaves town but as far as day-to-day life, I feel like I finally have a husband who is home and happy and helping. It's amazing!

Drinking: Bai. These drinks are soooo good. I'm not really into infused water, but I love trying new drinks that look cute. I'm a sucker for good packaging. So at the airport in the US I grabbed the coconut flavored one, even thinking it's probably not that good. But I was so very pleasantly surprised! It only has 5 calories per serving, which is great bc I hate drinking my calories (i'd rather eat them) and they use stevia to sweeten it which is supposedly better than aspartame. So as soon as I got home I looked these up on amazon and they were actually listed as the same price they are in the US, so I was like gimme! I'm trying to quit the Diet Coke habit again..we'll see how that goes.

Watching: Recently finished The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. One of my favorite TV shows of all time possibly. But trying to not spend my days watching TV. In fact I think we may cancel Netflix, gasp! Oh and we are selling our TV--who are we???!! Please still be friends with us.

Wishing: I was more motivated to blog the fun things I did the last 5 months. I have so many photos I would love to blog about but have been so busy until recently it just has not happened. One day...


  1. I had the same thing happen to me when I was having a hard day with Dom then read about a woman who knew her baby would die as soon as it was born. It sure does make you grateful for a healthy baby...and a little more tolerant haha.

  2. Also, I liked kimmy's second season. It wasn't as funny but I loved how it addressed serous societal issues. Victor and I loved the episode about Jacqueline and her kid and "diziplin."