Joshua Tree National Park

We returned to California the day after Christmas and headed straight to Joshua Tree National Park. We met up with the rest of Duke's family that live in Utah. It was a blast. I love me some National Parks. America is so awesome you guys! We only spent a couple nights there, so we did a few hikes and saw the stars at night. Although, please remind me to never be stationed at Twentynine Palms! It's the city right outside the park, and man, it's booney town! Luckily there isn't an air base there, so we should be able to steer clear ;). Here's a photo dump of the pretty park!
hanging in the hotel that night.
On our way to the park! Duke loves pictures.
ok, i need help. See the black dots on my pictures? I'm pretty sure it's the lens that has dust in it-does anyone know--can i just bring it to a camera store to get cleaned? Bc I hate those dots! Anyone done that before??
Our little fam!
Duke, his mom and sisters
Some of Duke's best friends from college met us out there. It was great to see them! Their off living in Columbia now.
handsome hubby
do you see the heart in the rock between duke and I?
And there is the Dr Seuss-looking Joshua Tree itself. 


  1. I haven't gotten a lens cleaned, but I think you can clear that up in Lightroom with the Spot Removal tool :)

    1. after i pressed post i realized that, duh!! haha, but thank you for the tip :) you're so smart!