Griffith Observatory in LA

We took advantage of our time in California to see some of the sites. We spent one day in LA at Griffith Observatory and the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA). It was such a beautiful, clear day.  I know that southern California needs rain, but coming from Okinawa the clear, dry, sunny days are kind of awesome to me. Griffith Observatory had a great view of downtown LA and the Hollywood sign. The museum was pretty cool too. I'd recommend it.
I wish she'd let me put bows in her hair still. She immediately rips them out. 
A statue of James Dean bc part of Rebel without a Cause was filmed here!
They have a tesla coil there which was actually pretty cool to see

We spent a short time at the LACMA. We both love art museums so we wanted to check it out, but Lucy was loud and over it so it didn't last long. I'd like to go back sometime.


  1. Great pics!!! :) I wanted to suggest that if you want your vertical pics to be the same size as your horizontal ones you can easily edit the size on PicMonkey! I think the standard blogpost size is 640.

    1. i think that is the most helpful comment i've ever gotten. Thanks so much I've always wondered!!