Balboa in December

Mid-December we went to the States for 3 glorious weeks. It was Duke's first time back since we had moved to Okinawa over 2 years ago. He was pretty ecstatic. We visited both his and my family in California and Arkansas respectively. It was seriously so fun to see everyone and we had a blast the whole time. It was the first time for me that it hard been hard to come back to Okinawa. I miss my family! We started our time in California. Here's some pictures from visiting Balboa Island. We didn't stay long enough to see the houses lit up with Christmas lights, because, well, babies. But we walked around, enjoyed the shops and Christmas decor and got a frozen banana. It was a good time.
 It's weird to think that Lucy wasn't walking yet in these pictures!
 Duke's brother Roy, his wife Julie and their cute kid Jack


  1. I just love your blog and Lucy is the cutest in her little beanie and outfit!

  2. oh thank you! you are the sweetest :)