Back in November we finally made our way up the island to the military resort called Okuma. It was so beautiful! I couldn't believe we hadn't been up there sooner. We went on a random weekend in November which was really nice because it was not crowded at all and the weather was glorious. We rented a cabin since we got there after it was dark. It was a great little setup with beautiful surrounding beaches and I can't wait until we can go back.
 We put Lucy down as soon as we got there, made a little fire and then read our books until we were tired.
dirt and leaves are all a baby needs
I was cracking up at her little booty with all the pine needles stuck to it. I'm glad she's walking now so this will no longer be an issue haha!
I LOVE s'mores! Sadly Duke does not. I don't understand it. It's the best part of camping!
There are a couple trails around the area, so we checked those out. The views were beautiful!! It's moments like these where I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. 
 handsome man sighting ;)
I'm missing the warmth and sunshine right now! We've had a rainy and colder than normal January.
On the way home I made Duke drive me to this waterfall in Ogimi. You may have heard that Okinawa has the most centurions in the world. And the oldest of them live in Ogimi Village. I heard about this waterfall nickmaned the waterfall of longevity, so i just had to see it and see if it was the real fountain of youth. Results are still pending. 


  1. It looks so beautiful there! Also, i've always wanted to try a S'more! Looks delicious!

  2. Looks like you guys picked a great random weekend to go! We have stayed at Okuma maybe 3 times now, but never in summer, I really want to go when its really warm (and not raining!) I love that we have this little staycation getaway at affordable prices.