Bland Family Photos

I just got back this week from a nice, long trip to the states. It was so wonderful! We got to visit my family and Duke's family. While we were in Arkansas we had family pictures taken. We had Joy Jackson do them and she was the best! I wanted to share a few of them here. Also, Lucy is a pro at looking at the camera! I have so much I want to blog about from the past couple months, so I'll be backtracking a bit for a while. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!
 The grandparents with their grandbabies. Alistair was clearly loving it ;)
 The original Blands! I love them all so!
 my siblings
 Grandpa & Lucy
 one of my favorite pics of Lucy and I
 Lucy & her cousin Alistair
 I love my handsome husband!

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  1. How stinking cute is that picture of you and Duke kissing! I almost feel like we accidentally snuck up on somthin!