Back in November we finally made our way up the island to the military resort called Okuma. It was so beautiful! I couldn't believe we hadn't been up there sooner. We went on a random weekend in November which was really nice because it was not crowded at all and the weather was glorious. We rented a cabin since we got there after it was dark. It was a great little setup with beautiful surrounding beaches and I can't wait until we can go back.
 We put Lucy down as soon as we got there, made a little fire and then read our books until we were tired.
dirt and leaves are all a baby needs
I was cracking up at her little booty with all the pine needles stuck to it. I'm glad she's walking now so this will no longer be an issue haha!
I LOVE s'mores! Sadly Duke does not. I don't understand it. It's the best part of camping!
There are a couple trails around the area, so we checked those out. The views were beautiful!! It's moments like these where I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. 
 handsome man sighting ;)
I'm missing the warmth and sunshine right now! We've had a rainy and colder than normal January.
On the way home I made Duke drive me to this waterfall in Ogimi. You may have heard that Okinawa has the most centurions in the world. And the oldest of them live in Ogimi Village. I heard about this waterfall nickmaned the waterfall of longevity, so i just had to see it and see if it was the real fountain of youth. Results are still pending. 


My Best Friends Wedding!

Back in October my best friend all the way from high school got married to her high school love. Cute, right? It was a battle getting there but I am so, so glad I was able to make it back. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I have honestly never seen a more excited bride, like ever. Stacy had a crush on Jeff since 11th grade (11 years ago) and they dated since like 2007/8ish. Anyways all that to say, it was a day that was a long time coming and a very happy one. I balled like a baby the whole ceremony. It was a special day. Also, all the good photos are via her photographer, Kimberly Paige.
Such a stunning bride!
Lucy got to hang out with us all day while we got ready and took pictures. Turns out it's not as not as fun as it sounds.
The wedding party
high school besties
opening the gift Stacy got me...bulldog s&p shakers...she knows me well!!
Giving my speech that I wrote while getting ready that morning. Typical me. 
 I know, i know, I'm hilarious! ;)
My family!
My friend Janell did all the flowers for this wedding and she was amazing!
Lucy totally passed out on the dance floor in my little sisters arms. She was so tired!
If you can't tell, they are a little obsessed with LOTR
It was so good and fun to see these gals^. Jackie and Jenna are friends from High School and Paige is Stacy's bff from college. And my friend Janell, who I failed to get a picture with-who did all the gorgeous flowers. It was a beautiful and very fun wedding for a beautiful friend! Yay for Stacy & Jeff!!