Lucy Turns ONE

On October 25th my little Lucy Joy turned One year old! She has become such a ray of sunshine and happiness in my life. I'm so glad we have her. Here's what she's up to lately!


  • 17.5 lbs
  • 28 inches
  • 7 teeth
  • Still scooting-not crawling or walking
  • not sleeping through the night..but we're working on it-she used to!
  • signs "more"
Her favorite things:

  • She LOVES to walk around with her walker (or walls, tables, & furniture). Every time she does it she breaths loudly and happily and has the absolute biggest smile on her face
  • She loves to stand up and then sit back down. She uses her 2 hands to push off the ground and she likes to nurse while standing this way too- like an ostrich or something.
  • She loves grapes and veggie straws.
  • She loves putting circle items on her wrists like bracelets. My hair ties, bracelets, and toy rings all go straight onto her wrists these days.
  • She loves to try to plug things in. She'll sit for several minutes at a time attempting to plug my phone into a cord and trying to plug the cord into an outlet. It makes me laugh.
  • She loves my phone (of course) and I can distract her pretty well with youtube nursery rhymes
  • bathtime and splashing of course
  • playing in the sand
  • markers/pens/paintbrushes/make up brushes
Things she hates (and lets us know):

  • Carseat
  • Getting her diaper changed
  • Getting dressed or undressed
Things she seems indifferent to:

  • Winston
  • Eating (ugh such a challenge!)
Other cute things she does that I don't want to forget

  • I usually bring her into my bed when she wakes up in the night and sometimes I wake up before she does. My favorite thing is to see her open her eyes and get the biggest smile on her face when she sees me. She loves me!
  • She likes to scrunch her nose up and breath really fast like something is really funny and it always cracks me up.
  • she thinks it's funny to put her hands in my mouth 

Motherhood was a tough adjustment for me. Lucy was not an easy baby and I really felt like I got one pulled over on me. These last few months though I can happily and honestly say I LOVE being a mom, her mom. She makes me laugh and does the cutest things each day. It is the COOLEST thing to watch your baby learn. The first time she signed "more" I was so amazed haha. I'm enjoying this stage we're in and often think how much I will miss this sweet phase of her life when she grows up. I love her tiny baby hands and tiny baby feet. She just keeps getting cuter! My heart grows with love for her everyday and I can't imagine how much love I'll have for her in even 50 years! I hope the best for her. She is so so dear to me and I hope she knows it.
and thanks to Mindy for these pictures of lucy! I'll share more from her birthday party soon!


  1. I scrunch up my nose and breathe really fast too! Dane calls it panting and says it's not nearly as cute when I do it. Working on eliminating that by 31. ;) She is a doll baby! I just love her!

  2. She is super sweet Mickelle, you will definitely be pleased you recorded all these stats & memories one day!

  3. She is the cuuuutest!! Happy Birthday to this little babe!

  4. one day after mine! she's so cute!

  5. I've always loved your honesty about her not being an "easy baby." I have really enjoyed seeing you go from a mom who just hopes for a day when her child doesn't cry all the time to one that's genuinely enjoying the experience! Happy 1st Birthday, little Lucy!