To Cut or to Keep

Short hair is IN guys. Well, the LOB is at least. I've gone back and forth the past year trying to decide if I should give in or keeps my locks long. I know anything above my shoulders is no good for me..had to find that out the hard way. I haven't had my hair "short" for about 9 years! I recently read THIS article that has a super simple trick for finding out if you will look good with short hair. I was "scientifically" reassured that I need to keep my hair long. If you're sitting on the fence too then you better find out! 


  1. Awesome tip! I like both long and short on myself but I think this is so true for Helen who is definitely meant for short hair

  2. I tired to comment earlier from my phone and it wouldn't work so here I am again (sorry if it did post twice!) I love this tip and I so can not wait to try it out, I just need to find a ruler! I have been seriously contemplating cutting my hair not super short but definitely a good few inches off. btw I love your hair and the amazing braids you do!

    1. I go back and forth all the time! I just thought it was a nifty little trick :) and thanks for the compliment!!