The Weekend

Weekends are so great, aren't they? Now that I'm a SAHM, I look forward to the weekends for time spent with my husband. Sometimes though, it's just me and the munchkin. Duke left on Friday for a work trip and weekends are the most challenging days when he is gone. Everyone else is spending their time as a family and the days are long! This weekend was a good one though! I tagged along with a few other families on Saturday to Mamasan Beach on Ikei Island, one of the prettiest beaches here in my humble opinion. Sunday was church and then I attended a beautiful baby shower for my friend Emily. 
Other noteworthy happenings...

For background-Lucy has not been interested in drinking from a bottle or sippy cup since about 4 months. I have about 6 different sippy cups in my cupboard that we've gone through. We were most successful with the straw-type ones, but she mostly just wanted to play with it as a toy and they were leaky. Well I decided last week I was going to offer her a bottle several times a day until she learned to like it! Well, miracles do happen and all of a sudden she is back on board with a bottle! It is so liberating! Today she probably drank more from a bottle than she breastfed. It is a little bittersweet though. I had such a rough go in the beginning with breastfeeding, but it has become something I enjoy with her. I know once I quit there is no going back, so it's hard to eagerly throw in the towel. My goal was always one year and she will be there the end of October, so I wanted to get her used the bottle now and start the slow process. I'd love to hear how any of you guys have gone about this and your thoughts on it! I had a little engorgement today and got a little emotional thinking that the end is coming. I'm also in debate because I'll be making a looong flight back to Arkansas by myself with Lucy in October...would she do better breastfeeding or bottle feeding? I DON'T KNOW!!
the beautiful swollen ankle picture ;)
Let's see...I sprained my ankle or something yesterday. That was fun. I ran upstairs to grab something and while upstairs I heard winston snarl/growl at Lucy. In that moment I had no idea what was happening, for all I know he could have been biting her face off, so I just screamed "NOOOOOO!!!!" and dropped everything and ran downstairs and on my way I twisted my dumb ankle. Lucy was fine, but I was hobbling around for a while. My first thought was, "of course this happens when Duke is gone!!" But I'm fine. It still hurts and is swollen, but it's walkable. 

Also Lucy legit posted her first Instagram today without any assistance lol. She's always messing with my phone and today I open Instagram and saw I had 23 likes and thought, that's weird I haven't posted anything. Then I click over to my page and saw a new picture up there. Thanks Lucy! Thank goodness it was a normal picture. That little crazy girl.

I hope everyone has a good week. Please leave me any weaning tips you have!! And now for the rest of the pictures!


  1. Weaning!!! I feel like I could talk about this for days, haha. :) One thing on the sippy cup; I basically started giving Owen one with water 3-4x a day (with meals, etc) and expecting him to just play with it and eventually he totally got it...which got him used to drinking water too! Might be worth a try.

    I delayed weaning by about a month because we were flying to Arkansas and I didn't want to deal with bottles, etc. If you have the option I'd totally recommend weaning gradually; I read somewhere to cut one feeding per week, starting with the one they seem least interested in and that really worked for us. I was worried about being uncomfortable/engorged as well as it being hard on Owen and doing it slowly made it a lot easier. Good luck!!

  2. thank you for you comment!! I think i'm gonna wait till we're back from all our trips this year. We're going home in oct, kyoto in nov, and home again in december. Thanks for the advice! I'll give it a try :)