Lucy Meets the Splashpad

Weekends are sacred around here. They are the two days of the week that we usuallllly get to hang out together as a family. When the weather is nice I try to get us out the door and explore or do something that doesn't involve staring at the TV, because that's what weeknights are for ;). Sunday we had some down time, so we went to Torii Beach for an hour. We introduced Lucy to the splashpad earlier that week actually, but got some pictures this time. She didn't seem to love it, but she didn't hate it either. Mostly was just interested in the hole the water spouted from when it disappeared. I love that she is becoming more interactive though. It's so much more fun than the coma stage.
 Chilling on the shore where lucy likes to snack on the coral. It's ok because it's totally organic ;).
Hanging in the shade with the breeze from the ocean is actually pretty nice! I love these days when it feels like time slows down.
 I love my people!