Beach Bashing

Today we went down the street to Sunset Beach and celebrated my friend Natasha's birthday. It was so fun! I love having the beach so close to do fun things like this. We all brought a dish and had a potluck dinner. There's also this cute little mojito shack open in the summer that just makes it feel more fun and festive. Okinawa is a beautiful place, however my favorite thing about this place is the wonderful people I have met here. There's something really special about this place-being away from family and friends and America-that brings you really close to people. I've never lived and never will live anywhere like this again. It's so easy to make good friends with awesome people and I LOVE it. There is such a support network here that makes living away from loved ones a little easier. These are some of those girls for me! Not to mention they're all so pretty :)
Sidenote- I sold my regular Ergo and got the Ergo 360 today and I'm loving it! Took it for a test drive and Lucy slept through half of our time at the beach. Love her.
Birthday Girl!
 I love summer!

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