4th of July

Happy Independence Day! We had a good one over here in Okinawa. We drove to a little island an hour away with some friends and went to a beach that only had a couple other people there-WIN! The weather cooperated and we had fun stuffing our facing and hanging out in the water. We missed having any sort of fireworks but that is life overseas I suppose! So fun to hang out with old friends too. Yay for America!!!!
 my little firecracker!

when you forget cooking utensils, just stop by family mart and grab some chopsticks!
Miyagi Island being pretty
 Little Ruth clearly loved the sand lol.
It ain't a holiday without some diet coke! ;) Ps cherry is my new jam.
 Lucy was so happy the whole day. Like it was weird. She's what you might call a hard baby.. really fussy and cries a lot. So it was so awesome to see her so content. Made me all kinds of happy.
Love being American but happy to live in this pretty place for a few years!


  1. I'm loving that donut float! I can't wait until my little one is old enough to go out to the beach, looks like fun! We'll definitely have to go to this island.

    1. Yes, it's a great one! How old is your baby?

  2. I love courgette on the grill Isn't it the best when you virtually get the beach to yourselves!