Exploring Okinawa

The last day of our holiday weekend we took our friends that had just arrived to see a couple sights. I feel like Manzamo Cape is a must see on Okinawa! The rocks are so pretty and the water is almost always breathtaking. I think every time I go there I end up taking a picture because "it's just SO pretty!" So i probably have about 7 of the exact same pictures :). Worth it. 

We also went north and explored Todoroki Falls. I have an Okinawa Bucket list of items to check off before I leave and that one was on there. It wasn't very impressive to be honest, but still cool. You can drive right up to it, and just have to climb up some boulders to get to the small pool below the falls. You couldn't really get IN the falls though. And there were 2 very giant spiders hanging out on some of the boulders so just beware if you go. 

We have about 1 year and 3 months left before it's time to leave Okinawa..I can't believe it! Time goes by so fast. My bucket list is actually growing everyday so I realllllly need to start taking advantage of the summer and get out there! It's hard with Lucy and her napping (or lack of napping), but that's my goal for the rest of the summer. Explore, explore, explore!


  1. I don't think I have been to Manzamo Cape...I guess I will be adding it to my bucket list which definitely grows by the day despite us crossing things off almost weekly! I am not sure how many naps Lucy has a day (or doesn't have a day!) but when they go to just one nap a day its bliss! We have our mornings free and then I make an effort to be home by lunch/after lunch so Clio can get her nap in!

    1. right now its morning and afternoon, so it's tricky! But one nap a day sounds like bliss! Can't wait. And YES check out manzamo!!

  2. It took me forever to get to Manza, but I ended up going back right before we left because it was so beautiful! Happy exploring!