Duke has a birthday!

Duke turned 33 a couple weeks ago! (Those candles almost look like they say 55. Not quiiiiite there yet). We celebrated on the weekend by having a bbq and cake with some friends. He requested a homemade chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and it was goooooooood. 
I never mush about this guy, so let me take the opportunity to tell you how lucky I am. Duke is such a good guy and an amazing husband. Our marriage isn't perfect, but when I imagined being married this is what I hoped for. He makes me laugh every single day. We have dumb little inside jokes that still crack me up. He knows me so well and we just 'get' each other. He knows my love language is words of affirmation and he tells me things he likes about me every single day just to see me smile. I know that he loves me with his whole heart. He puts me above everything else in his life and treats me like a queen. You better not mess with me or you gotta mess with him ;). I'm so happy he was born and that he chose me to share his life with. And look at that cute baby we made! Cheers to 33 more years!

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