Tokyo in June

Just breastfeeding in a corner of  of Forever 21 (this was the day I explored by myself and lucy was a monster!)
 6% dokidoki-a very tiny & kawaii store
how cute are all those earrings?! I got pegasus ones.
 a picture of people taking pictures of a cat wearing a scrunchy around it's neck. I don't get it.
Must check out Laforet^
Duke loves Harajuku! ;)
touch screen vending machine. Very Japanesey.
I decided I love Tokyo in June

i hate spiders
 The Great Burger^ run, don't walk.
 Good Town Doughnuts. I repeat, run, do not walk!
on the c130 back to Kadena AFB

The first many pictures are from Harajuku. My personal favorite place in Tokyo. I have gone each of the 3 times I've been to Tokyo and I honestly love it more every time. If you've heard Gwen Stefani's "Harajuku Girls", then you know all about the area. If not, it's an awesome fashion and culture district  and has possibly the best people watching in the world. It's super crowded on the weekends, but that is the best time to go! People dress up crazy and it's awesome. When I went with Stacy we saw a lady wearing black wings-just like from Maleficent- and a beak. So great! The area also has really great food.

Next area we visited was Akasaka Palace. I don't recommend it. Ha. We've seen pretty much all the 'must-see' things in Tokyo so we were trying to see something new. You can't go into the palace or in the gates. It's a state guest house and you can only view it through this one gate and that's it. There is also nothing else in the area. It has pretty gates though!

We also walked through Yoyogi park a little bit-I always am so in awe of those beautiful wooden torii gates--and visited Roppongi Hills. Cool area but was a little bummed there too because the line to visit the observatory and sky deck at Mori Tower was 2 hours. And with little Lucy that just wasn't gonna happen. It's got some good eats around the area and a little garden area and an art museum in Mori Tower as well. Worth checking out!

We were able to hop a flight back from Yokota Air Base to Kadena on Okinawa so that was nice. I felt a little bad for Lucy though bc the plane was SO LOUD and everyone was given earplugs, except her bc they have baby earplugs :(. I couldn't even hear her cry when she cried...which maybe that was a good thing ;). But she slept most of the flight and hey it was free! 

I always love visiting Tokyo and I hope I get to go back again before we leave Japan!


  1. I know I just commented on another post about you traveling with you little one, but I have 2 more comments...

    1. I love that you guys hold her up in the air to get her in photos.
    2. It's pretty awesome how much "baby wearing" your husband does.

    1. embarrassing that I'm replying to this a month later, but thanks! :)

  2. I've never been to Harajuku and now i definitely HAVE to add it to my list for when we go back!! Loove that picture of you at the Akasaka Palace <3 <3 Is that a popcorn dress?? omg! Also, that picture of your husban wearing the wrap is the bomb! haha! What a fun trip! ;)

    1. YES go to harajuku! I think you'll love it!! and yes...popcorn dress..i'm hoping it's just for display :)

  3. Harajuku is my number one place to go when we head to Tokyo, I am so excited and your pictures make me that much more excited! Good to know about that palace, not sure if it was on my list but its coming off!