Mt Fuji

can you see lucy's losing it in this picture?^
*heart eyes*
she hated that car seat more than her regular car seat...and that's saying a lot.
cutest little shiba!!!
Last week Duke had a short det (dettachment) up at Yokota Air Base, which is about an hour outside of Tokyo. He had a few free days while he was up there so we decided Lucy and I should try to take a military flight up and hang out on his days off. We ended up flying to Tokyo commercially (after waiting seven hours for a military flight that ended up being cancelled, ugh), but we caught a flight back on a c130. I've never tagged along with him on work stuff and it was really fun! I'd been to Tokyo a couple times but never outside the city really. It is so beautiful!

Friday we rented a car and headed down to Mt. Fuji area. It was overcast and definitely on the cooler side up in the mountains. I hadn't packed a single jacket for Lucy or myself, so we had Lucy in her pjs the whole day haha. It was SUCH a nice break from the oppressive humidity of Okinawa. We went to a place called Mt Kachi Kachi ropeway and rode a little ways up in cable cars. There was this beautiful view of Fuji! We hiked a bit further up the mountain just for fun and then hiked the whole way down. Did I say how BEAUTIFUL it was?! I haven't been out hiking in the mountains like this in such a long time. Duke and I are already talking about going back up there and doing some more hiking one of these days. 

I was a little disappointed because there was a beautiful flower festival for pink phlox moss that ended May 31 and they didn't allow entry after that day. We missed it by 4 days! But it looks like this: (SO PRETTY RIGHT?!)


  1. gosh that flower field looks amazing, I am so sorry it was shut, how annoying! Eden always asks to fly in a 'work plane' its quite interesting to get a tiny glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes.

  2. those flowers!!! <3 It's awesome that you space-aed with a little one! I love that you still are super adventurous after kids! Way to go!

  3. Omg these Fuji pictures are absolutely AMAZING!! You guys went on the perfect day! Also.. how sad that you missed that flower festival! I've seen those pictures on Pinterest and it'd definitely on my Japan Bucket List.

  4. even without the flowers, your pictures are gorgeous. miss you.