Boracay [Part 3]

one my most favorite pictures of her!

Mangos are mandatory everyday in the Philippines :)
First time parasailing..a little underwhelming. But a nice relaxing ride in the air I guess
i love seeing them together :)

This girl walked up and just took lucy out of my hands to pose for a pic..umm ok?? haha

our own cute little sign!

busy beach at dusk
sunset sail
her hat kills me!
flying back to manila!
Manila LDS temple
lucys face^ caught her mid-cough. hilarious
The last pictures from our Boracay trip! Such a great time. We just got back yesterday from a short trip to Tokyo and now Boracay seems like forever ago! Funny how that works. Leaving Boracay we had originally planned to fly back to Manila, spend the night and then fly home connecting in Hong Kong the next day. WELL. The first part worked out fine, but the morning we got to the Manila airport was ridiculous. There is a long line just to get into the airport. You have to go through security just to get inside. We were able to pay some guy and skip that long line, then we get to the check-in line for our airline and waited THREE HOURS!! And at one point we even skipped part of that line. It was absolutely bonkers. Our flight had been delayed a few hours, making us miss our connection in Hong Kong. So when we get to the front of the line, the lady asked us a couple questions and then told us she'd go look into getting us a new flight out of Hong Kong (not sure why she couldn't use her computer in front of her?). She comes back 30 minutes later and asked us the exact same questions she asked before she left. I felt like I was taking crazy pills! We just laughed about it because it was so ridiculous. It was like she came back and was like "Can I help you?" uhhh I thought that's what you were doing lady! Then she left again. After 45 minutes standing at the counter and all she did was check our bags and give us our tickets and tell us to go to the counter in Hong Kong. So if you fly through Manila prepare for some extra time with those special people :). 

Oh one more tip if you fly into Manila! There is a CRAZY long line for the metered taxis at the airport. You can get in a not metered one but you'll pay like 7x's the metered price. (we did that the first night). After standing in the line for about an hour we saw a sign for a express lane if you were with children, so we got to jump to the front of the line! I saw signs for stuff like that everywhere. So if you have a baby always check!


  1. Manila has the worst airport EVER. Hate it! But the pics look amazing! She's such a cutie :)

    1. You're so right about that airport! I had no idea. And thank you :) You are kind!

  2. Love these pics and that sand sign is amazing!!!

  3. Man, I wish we could have mangoes in Okinawa every day! Looks like a fun trip!

  4. DUKE and MICK forever! ha ha love that sign. from the pictures it looks like lucy had an awesome time too ;)