Seragaki Exploring

As of today I have only gotten ONE real weekend with my husband not working on Saturday or Sunday since January. I didn't really realize that until I sat down to write this post! Oh military life...curse you sometimes!! Anyways, it was a glorious weekend, however, it decided to rain everyday. Of course, right?! One of the days we decided we at least had to get out of the house and see SOMETHING. And it ended up being pretty fun. We visited a little "island" called Seragaki Island that is up near Onna. Apparently it used to be a pretty cool place that had a salt water pool right against the ocean and a nice snack bar. It looked like it must have been pretty cool in its prime. I'm not sure what happened. It's still there, but not in use. But it looks like it would be a nice snorkel/dive spot, so on a nice day we'll have to go back!

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  1. It was open when we first moved here. Apparently, it got seriously damaged during a typhoon & they cut their losses. Bummer!