Dragon Boat Races

During Golden Week Okinawa has Dragon Boat races. I went down this morning to cheer on a couple friends who were on the Navy women's team. And they won!! It was really fun to watch and kind of made me want to try out for it next year! They only do one race and there's lots of practice beforehand. But when else would I be in a dragon boat race, right??! Most of my pictures are of the Navy gals, since I knew people on the team. They were up against Air Force and the Crazy Girls.
 There's my friend Jessie^ 
 Hi J!^
And the first girl you ca see in the boat is my friend Lisa!
 There goes Navy in the middle boat!
They kicked trash on the way back!
some of the Japanese racers we saw
enjoyed a bit of the festival...aka ate food and went home.
charming Okinawa

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