Boracay Philippines [Part 1]

Boracay! Last week we went on our first family vacation since before Lucy was born. It was such a nice break from "real life". Especially after having Duke gone so much. I'd heard of Boracay but after some google searching I saw it listed under many lists of most beautiful beaches in the world so I was quickly sold! If you're considering a trip to the Philippines, I hear El Nido is also beautiful and less touristy. But Boracay is touristy for a reason! The water was insanely clear and the most beautiful color of turquoise with pretty white sand. Reminded me a tiny bit of florida beaches with the white sand. 
 Little Lucy got her first cold the day we left, so she wasn't very happy the first part of the trip. And then towards the end I discovered she had thrush again. Which I cannot BELIEVE AH! But she did pretty good on the trip overall. We couldn't do everything we wanted on the trip with her, but I feel like we still did a lot! We also went into the trip planning to mostly relax and I'd say we accomplished that.
Breakfast view is not terrible^
 The best part of the trip was watching these 2 bond. I feel like Duke finally knows Lucy. Ha.
 It was absolutely insane how many people wanted a picture with Lucy. Asians love white babies! It is a fact!! Some people came right up and just grabbed her out of my hands. Some people ran up and stood next to us while their friend snapped a pic. Everywhere we walked people gasped and pointed and just generally freaked out. It makes me laugh every time. I mean she's cute and all, but holy cow! I felt like I was carrying around a little celebrity. 
My cute little beach bum^
 I love this baby!!!
She did this a lot^^ poor girl. 
 I love these two pictures of me and lucy. That water is unreal!!!
 Floaties are a beach necessity in this family
 Lucy's favorite toy is paper aka garbage. Cracks me up.^
 Eating out with a baby is so...fun ;)
Yup, she's my daughter!^^ (don't worry its empty!)

Stay posted for part 2!

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