Utah Visit

Back in March, when I was in the states, I made a short visit to Utah. It was lots of fun. I got to meet my sisters baby who is 3 weeks older than Lucy and got to see my brother and other family too. The visits are never long enough! The weather was awesome and it made me miss my Provo days :). This is a picture overload post with lots of babies. You've been warned.
My sister Brittany holding both babies. We got a little taste of what twins would be like. Still just don't know how those mamas do it.
Meeting Alistair for the first time. I know, so much hair.

Outlet mall shopping. I love America :)
This is what a changing room with a baby looks like. ha.
Meeting Uncle Tyler & Auntie Hannah!
Lucy and the McCrory gals!
Utah has a place called Swig and they sell cookies and drinks (like yummy diet coke)-my 2 weaknesses. Probably a good thing I moved.
Running into friends at the mall-makes me feel like I'm still relevant in Provo ;)
Picnics in the park!
melt my heart!!^^
Lucy's present from the Ferreiras :)
We had a few baby photoshoots :)

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  1. I love all the baby photos. It's so lovely that you got to have a baby hang-out with your sister!