This past Friday I finallllly made my way to Ie Island. It's a really small island by Okinawa that is a 30 min ferry ride away. A group of friends decided to go over for the lily festival and although it turned out the lilies hadn't quite bloomed, I had a really fun day trip with them. The island was pretty adorable. It's mostly farmland with a random mountain in the middle and pretty coastlines. Since it's such a small island most people rent bikes and bike around, and so that is exactly what we did! I strapped lucy onto me and we rode around for probably 5 hours and she didn't complain about it one bit. The rest of my friends were staying the night, but I didn't want to do that with Lucy this time, so I only made it halfway around the island before it was time for us to go. But that means I'm just gonna have to go back! Oh and if you haven't been there, mapitokinawa has really great info about everything you need to know.
Ferry ride over
 I have to say one of the best parts of living in okinawa is all the great and fun friends I have made. These girls love to explore and have fun and I can def appreciate that. What else are we supposed to do while our husbands are away?
lunch at Family Mart. 
the lily field...not in bloom. so sad.
 I love the ocean so much
found a great place for a dip in the ocean and some cliff jumping. However, i stayed out bc of lucy..dang baby ;)
the lonely wives club :)
and a special thanks to lucy for being a good baby so I can have fun.

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  1. you rode a bike WITH Lucy in the baby carrier?! I can't even hardly ride a bike when its just me!!