USA // arkansas

The beginning of February Duke left us for his first real deployment. So mid-February Lucy and I said, "we're outta here!" Actually I really love okinawa and my friends there, but it seemed like a perfect time to come home and visit. Only my mom had met Lucy and I realized I hadn't been to Arkansas for a year and a half! We had three flights to get us from okinawa to arkansas. Oki-Tokyo-Minneapolis-Arkansas. It was my first time flying with Lucy so I had no idea what to expect. Miracle of all miracles...she was an angel! Ok well she had maybe a 3-5 min fussing episode on 2 of the flights, but perfect the rest of the time. I feel like that is pretty good! We also lucked out with an empty seat next to us on each flight! We are loving our time here! And I'm loving all the help I get with Lucy. I'm actually getting some naps in!
 sleeping on the long leg over
 Meeting grandpa and Erica for the first time!
 ahhh..the luxuries of America...target and sonic drinks!
 hello adorable!
 meeting stacy!
 it's really cute to see how much my little brother loves her
 breakfast at pressroom with more friends
 lucy just making everyone laugh
chillin with her auntie
Grandma with her babies


  1. ahhhh i wish I couldve seen you while you were here! even though you were far away it still feels close since you were in america haha

  2. so neat that you made a trip back home, I am sure your family really appreciated it and LOVED meeting wee Lucy! Are you you still stateside?