Kansas City Trip

Last weekend we traveled up to Kansas City for a quick trip. It dumped a bunch of snow on Saturday but we still did a bit of shopping and had fun. My parents and I went to the Kansas City temple Friday night and my younger sister watched Lucy for me. Saturday we went to Country Club Plaza (fun outdoor shopping area) and Cheesecake Factory and Trader Joes. Just the essentials :). The way home took 5 hours (usually takes 3) bc of the snow falling, but it wasn't too terrible and Lucy did really great in the car. Knock on wood but she is doing much better in her carseat than she used to.
Ready for the road trip!!
Lucy loves her auntie erica
Kansas City Temple is a pretty one!
stocking up on the important things :)
Lucy is very loved!
My mom took Lucy to the bathroom to change her diaper and apparently she had a blowout and my mom didn't want to walk her back to the table without a shirt on so she wrapped her scarf around her to make a makeshift shirt. It was kind of hilarious.
Driving back home!!

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