Saturday & Sunflowers

On Saturday I spent some time with my friend Annie since both our husbands were working. Well, Duke is actually deployed right now, but I'm sure he was working wherever he was. We went to brunch at Coffee Casa, walked to the seawall, then later that afternoon we went to the sunflower field where they usually have the sunflower festival (they moved it this year). But we got our pictures in! I don't know what I'm gonna do when Annie LEAVES ME this summer. We're kind of each other's personal photographers, since our husbands are always stuck at work. Love this little island! See sunflowers from last year here.


  1. ooooo nice new design! also I can't believe it's been a over a year already that we went last year because we only had known each other for like a month at that time. time flies!

  2. Is this the original sunflower field? I heard the "new" one has very short sunflowers!

    1. It is the old one from years past! that is so weird about the new field! i didn't know that sunflowers could be so short. bummer

  3. youre such a cute mama! cant wait for our babies to meet!

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