New Years Resolutions

I'm not starting my goals until January 5th since that's when the holiday's officially over. Here are my resolutions for the new year:

1. EAT HEALTHIER! I'm completely cutting out sugar and soda for 30 days starting Monday. I'm thinking about doing one round of Whole 30 this year, but I'm going to start with cutting out sugar and ease my way into it. I also believe moderation in all things and think Whole 30 might be too extreme. I want to read the book first, so we will see! Mostly I just want to feel good. (and look good, let's be honest here).

2. WORK OUT. I took some serious time off working out after having this baby (and before) and this year is for remaking a habit of working out. I want to do the PiYo program and the TurboFire program along with more running. (I'm still a beachbody coach, so if you want to do the programs with me-let me know!!)

3. SCRIPTURE STUDY. I need to focus on my personal study. Duke and I have been reading the new testament together and I do a good job at our group study because he is there to push me but I want to make time to do my own studying-every day.

4. BETTER MY PHOTOGRAPHY. I want to take a good photo a day with my big camera. I've heard of this being a great way to improve. I may not start this right away, but start this at some point this year. Also want to memorize the f-stops and shutter speeds.

5. JAPANESE. I want to learn more Japanese words. I've pretty much given up being conversational. But I would like to memorize the katakana alphabet, maybe the hiragana one. And just learn more words to get by.

The first 3 are the most important ones to me this year. The other two would be nice, but I'm not gonna kill myself over them.

Happy New Year!

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