Hedo Point & Dai Sekirinzan

Sunday was such a beauuuutiful day. It was 70 and sunny. So we packed ourselves up and headed 2 hours north to the tippy top of Okinawa. We first stopped at Hedo Point/Cape Hedo. The water was so calm and blue and absolutely gorgeous.
 I'm assuming this says something about Hedo Point being the most northern point of Okinawa. I also read that 9,000 military men were lost at sea here during WWII. So sad.
 We then headed a few minutes over to a place called Dai Sekirinzan park. It's a limestone plateau that has some cool rock formations and trails that weave through them.
 year of the sheep!
 That's Cape Hedo out there!
 I'm loving the warm weather right now! And love exploring this little beautiful island!

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