Christmas Eve

We had a pretty fun Christmas Eve this year. We got together with some of our really good friends here in Okinawa. We had a delicious dinner, read the Christmas story from Luke 2, shared talents with each other and chatted. 
 daddies and babies
 i love watching winston interact with little kids!
 ze bebes! 3 months, 4 1/2 month, and 2 month (lucy hasn't mastered sitting up yet)
 Lucy has the odds in her favor with these boys!
 These ladies have made living so far away from family so much easier. Grateful for them all!
 I kind of wish I could post all 30 takes of these. They were hilarious.
group shot!
Merry Christmas Eve 2014!

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  1. ah you beat me to it! I seriously was just starting to blog about this. prepare for an identical post ha ha. But i love all the girls pictures.