Tokyo in September

Back in September, when I was still pregnant my friend Stacy visited Japan and our first stop was Tokyo! (yeah..i'm a little behind)
*view from the Skytree
Tokyo Skytree 2,000ft tall
Stacy & I
Our first day we spent the morning at the Tsukiji Fish market. It was pretty cool to see all the crazy stuff and the huge tunas! I think the huge tuna's were my favorite part. 
The inner market area was pretty bonkers-I almost got ran over by those guys on machines ^ like 10 times.
Ate some supa fresh sushi
Walked around the imperial gardens
35 weeks^
View from Bunkyo Bikku Center
"take a picture of me looking out the window" 
Japanese school kids are theeeee cutest!!
Tokyo LDS temple
Sensoji Temple in Asakusa
reading our fortunes or horoscopes or what have you

Stopped at Coldstone and these ladies sang us a tune in Japanese..it was pretty adorable
Harakjuku! My favorite part of Tokyo. Great people watching, great shopping, great food.
We saw a girl holding a magnolia bakery bag and then immediately hunted this place down. Yum.
And Shinjuku crossing, only the biggest in the world!

Stayed tuned for 'Stacy visits Okinawa'. At this blogging rate it should appear about mid February ;)

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