Six Weeks Into Motherhood

Today Lucy is 6 weeks and 2 days old. It has been totally crazy and totally awesome all at the same time. After the first 2 weeks, once I was starting to function like a normal person again, I started to realize how much my heart has grown for Lucy. And a couple weeks after that I realized...I kind of love being a mom. Everyone always talks about how hard it is. Yes, it's really hard! But the things you work the hardest for are usually the things you love the most. Serving and sacrificing for someone who can't do anything for them self really is the best way to love them. It's a great feeling. I would recommend the whole baby thing to everyone. Well..maybe not EVERYONE ;)
Her first week out^
^first bath
I often find myself just staring at her. She is so perfect to me. I love watching her and learning everything there is to know about her. She often chokes/coughs when she is feeding and I pat her back to make it all better; while it's sad...it's also kind of the cutest thing to see her stick out her little tongue and hear her little cough. 
(don't worry i've cleaned my mirror since this picture)
She loves to stick her tongue out. It's pretty much a constant thing when she is awake.
She has started smiling a little more often and there is nothing better! Also hearing her coo and try to find her voice. Even just watching her arms flail around is pretty endearing.
bum in the air like she just don't care
However, for memories sake, it hasn't been all butterflies and sugar plum fairies. We have both been battling thrush since about day one. It's a yeast infection in her mouth that is transferred to me when breastfeeding and is causing me lots of good old pain. Heading to the DR for the FOURTH time tomorrow to try and get rid of it! I'm also suspecting she's developed reflux this last week...we shall see. 
The other wonderful thing about motherhood is observing fatherhood. Watching the man you love, love a tiny baby and care for her really is the best. He has been a great dad. He's great at calming her down and is so eager to help with feeding, changing her diaper and all that stuff. I feel super lucky to have his help. And will probably cry the first time he leaves us for military stuff.
baby cuddles everyday.
^first night with the babysitter!
Lucy- You are SO LOVED!! Thanks for making me a mom.


  1. So beautiful friend! Such a precious baby girl and she has the very best mommy that God could give her. You're doing amazing!!!! Can't wait to kiss her sweet cheeks!

  2. Lovely Mickelle! Motherhood is such an amazing journey thanks for reminding us of all the little precious things! A couple of tips- Jane had thrush too and it's soooo not fun! Try swabbing hr mouth and you with baking Soda and water solution. I uses a q tip to reach in their mouth and a cotton ball for me this worked so quickly for us and and the slightest hint of it returning I started again! Now reflux- on reason for it is a weak sphincter in throat while there is lots of reasons this can happen one possibility is low vitamin D. If you aren't giving her vitamin D drops maybe think about it! She is so beautiful and you are such a wonderful
    Momma! Take care of you too!

  3. Congratulations Mickelle! She's beautiful!

  4. So sweet. It's crazy how much love you can have for a teeny tiny baby. Also, we did thrush and horrible reflux (for 4 months on the reflux), so let me know if you have any questions.

  5. motherhood looks good on you. the first picture is my favorite!