Around Here Lately

December has been passing at an alarming rate. Here's some of what we've been up to this month. We got all dressed up, sent Lucy off with a babysitter and went to the marine ball. We didn't stay for the dancing, but it was fun to get out and feel normal again!
We also went to our church Christmas party and Lucy got to play baby Jesus. Her first performance! She did great :)

We also went to a Christmas party for Duke's squadron where Santa arrived on a helicopter. I wish Santa arrived on a helicopter when I was a kid! So not fair. And Lucy met Santa Claus! And I went to a Christmas party for the wives in the squadron which is always fun! Although Lucy decided to be a terror right as I pulled into the parking lot, and my first 45 minutes were spent in the car trying to calm her. (maybe one of the hardest moments of being a mom yet). Basically our life mostly consists of hanging with this little sweetie. I do get a little bummed out sometimes not being invited to things as much now that I have her, or not being able to go to things like I usually did before. But I remind myself it's all worth it. She's more important!
such an angel when she sleeps

 Little errand buddy^
 Duke's idea so we don't have to listen to her white noise while we watch TV. Didn't last long, but it was quite hilarious.
My friend Annie and her adorable baby J twinning at lunch in our Sollybaby wraps! These things are really the best.
 morning snuggles are kind of the best thing ever
And LOTS and LOTS of feeding! I know breastfeeding pictures can be awkward...but #normalizebreastfeeding right??  I spend so much time feeding her and love watching her while I feed her, I just had to document it. 


  1. Glad you are nursing! Good for you, I think it is such a special time to snuggle and love those babies. Have fun! Briahna