Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas from our little family to yours!
And big thanks to Annie to taking these pictures for us. (what can't she do?!)


Around Here Lately

December has been passing at an alarming rate. Here's some of what we've been up to this month. We got all dressed up, sent Lucy off with a babysitter and went to the marine ball. We didn't stay for the dancing, but it was fun to get out and feel normal again!
We also went to our church Christmas party and Lucy got to play baby Jesus. Her first performance! She did great :)

We also went to a Christmas party for Duke's squadron where Santa arrived on a helicopter. I wish Santa arrived on a helicopter when I was a kid! So not fair. And Lucy met Santa Claus! And I went to a Christmas party for the wives in the squadron which is always fun! Although Lucy decided to be a terror right as I pulled into the parking lot, and my first 45 minutes were spent in the car trying to calm her. (maybe one of the hardest moments of being a mom yet). Basically our life mostly consists of hanging with this little sweetie. I do get a little bummed out sometimes not being invited to things as much now that I have her, or not being able to go to things like I usually did before. But I remind myself it's all worth it. She's more important!
such an angel when she sleeps

 Little errand buddy^
 Duke's idea so we don't have to listen to her white noise while we watch TV. Didn't last long, but it was quite hilarious.
My friend Annie and her adorable baby J twinning at lunch in our Sollybaby wraps! These things are really the best.
 morning snuggles are kind of the best thing ever
And LOTS and LOTS of feeding! I know breastfeeding pictures can be awkward...but #normalizebreastfeeding right??  I spend so much time feeding her and love watching her while I feed her, I just had to document it. 


Lucy Love

Here is little Lucy at 7 and a half weeks! She is such a tiny bundle of joy. After taking these pictures I decided babies are kind of the best. Even when they cry and make you want to pull your hair out strand by strand. All they have to do is smile and all is forgiven. 
 Is this real life??^
I'm so grateful for her.


Six Weeks Into Motherhood

Today Lucy is 6 weeks and 2 days old. It has been totally crazy and totally awesome all at the same time. After the first 2 weeks, once I was starting to function like a normal person again, I started to realize how much my heart has grown for Lucy. And a couple weeks after that I realized...I kind of love being a mom. Everyone always talks about how hard it is. Yes, it's really hard! But the things you work the hardest for are usually the things you love the most. Serving and sacrificing for someone who can't do anything for them self really is the best way to love them. It's a great feeling. I would recommend the whole baby thing to everyone. Well..maybe not EVERYONE ;)
Her first week out^
^first bath
I often find myself just staring at her. She is so perfect to me. I love watching her and learning everything there is to know about her. She often chokes/coughs when she is feeding and I pat her back to make it all better; while it's sad...it's also kind of the cutest thing to see her stick out her little tongue and hear her little cough. 
(don't worry i've cleaned my mirror since this picture)
She loves to stick her tongue out. It's pretty much a constant thing when she is awake.
She has started smiling a little more often and there is nothing better! Also hearing her coo and try to find her voice. Even just watching her arms flail around is pretty endearing.
bum in the air like she just don't care
However, for memories sake, it hasn't been all butterflies and sugar plum fairies. We have both been battling thrush since about day one. It's a yeast infection in her mouth that is transferred to me when breastfeeding and is causing me lots of good old pain. Heading to the DR for the FOURTH time tomorrow to try and get rid of it! I'm also suspecting she's developed reflux this last week...we shall see. 
The other wonderful thing about motherhood is observing fatherhood. Watching the man you love, love a tiny baby and care for her really is the best. He has been a great dad. He's great at calming her down and is so eager to help with feeding, changing her diaper and all that stuff. I feel super lucky to have his help. And will probably cry the first time he leaves us for military stuff.
baby cuddles everyday.
^first night with the babysitter!
Lucy- You are SO LOVED!! Thanks for making me a mom.


Tokyo in September

Back in September, when I was still pregnant my friend Stacy visited Japan and our first stop was Tokyo! (yeah..i'm a little behind)
*view from the Skytree
Tokyo Skytree 2,000ft tall
Stacy & I
Our first day we spent the morning at the Tsukiji Fish market. It was pretty cool to see all the crazy stuff and the huge tunas! I think the huge tuna's were my favorite part. 
The inner market area was pretty bonkers-I almost got ran over by those guys on machines ^ like 10 times.
Ate some supa fresh sushi
Walked around the imperial gardens
35 weeks^
View from Bunkyo Bikku Center
"take a picture of me looking out the window" 
Japanese school kids are theeeee cutest!!
Tokyo LDS temple
Sensoji Temple in Asakusa
reading our fortunes or horoscopes or what have you

Stopped at Coldstone and these ladies sang us a tune in Japanese..it was pretty adorable
Harakjuku! My favorite part of Tokyo. Great people watching, great shopping, great food.
We saw a girl holding a magnolia bakery bag and then immediately hunted this place down. Yum.
And Shinjuku crossing, only the biggest in the world!

Stayed tuned for 'Stacy visits Okinawa'. At this blogging rate it should appear about mid February ;)