Weeks 33-37

33 weeks^
I've been pretty busy the last month which is why I have been quiet in the blogosphere. However, I thought I better do one more pregnancy post since this baby could potentially come any moment now! This last trimester has been uncomfortable, as they usually are! I have been very lucky to not have heart burn though! Mostly just back pain & sciatica (until about 36 weeks). Now its just hard to move in general and having cramps here and there. (also--starting sanding that^ crib 4 weeks ago..still working on painting that sucker. ugh).
 32 or 33 weeks..maybe 34?? ^

How far along: 37 weeks & 5 days
Total weight gain: 23 lbs as of today
Favorite thing so far: Feeling the baby move...I'm not sure what else is cool about pregnancy at this point other than the fact that it ends in a cute baby.
Sleep: Some nights I wake up right around 3 am and can't fall back asleep for 2 hours. Other nights I sleep fine! But either way I get up about 3 times to use the restroom, sometimes more.
Fitness: Since I hit about 34 weeks I honestly have been doing nothing but cleaning around my house and doing projects that have kept me busy and moving, but no real exercise. I can't even imagine running right now. I feel like I have a bowling bowl strapped to my stomach. Also I've been collecting sea glass at the beach and even that has become a real struggle. I have to do a squat as I bend over. This baby has taken over my abdomen.
Feelings: Feeling easily overwhelmed lately. I really have been so busy every single day for the last month and a half. Rushing to get things ready for baby, finish projects around the house, appointments (SO MANY!), and entertaining my friend Stacy who was here for a couple weeks! I've had some nights I've had to cry it out and tell myself I can finish things after the baby arrives. But the truth is I want to feel ready before she is here! I know I'm probably overdoing it some days when my whole body and back are just aching from being on my feet and bending over cleaning or painting or cooking. I can't wait to be a normal person again! But still so excited for her arrival. Can't wait to hold a tiny little human that I helped create!
 35 weeks at the Imperial Gardens in Tokyo
 35/36 weeks at peace prayer park^
 36 weeks at Manzamo Point^
37 weeks at beach by Peace Prayer Park^

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  1. I think ur little one must have arrived !
    Hope all is well