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August 27 was our THIRD anniversary! We got lucky that day because Duke had a night flight, which meant he didn't need to go into work till about noon. So we celebrated by eating brunch and a really short beach trip to Araha. It was so nice to spend a little time with him especially in the morning and especially on our anniversary. 
Duke worked everyday last weekend, but had most of Monday off, so we drove up to Torii Beach and just chilled out. Am I allowed to complain about how much my husband has been working lately? I know no one cares or wants to hear it and there are probably people gone more often, but he has literally been at work every.single.day for 2 weeks straight and if he gets next Saturday day off it'll have been 3 weeks straight. I guess it's just new to me since this is our first year in the fleet. I just thought it was safe to assume he would be home on Saturdays or Sundays, but lately it has not been so! It hasn't been this way the whole year, so i'm sure it will get better. I would just like to hang out with my husband every so often. Is that so much to ask Marine Corps??!! wah. Ok complaining over. 
I find the teenyist, tinyist hermit crab ever!!
 Some relaxtion! 
 32 weeks. I feel like I look HUGE in that pic.^
 Saturday night date from last week^
 Last Sunday I drove about 30 minutes north to an awesome little town/village called Yomitan. I went up there to borrow an electric sander from someone, but decided to drive around a bit and explore (by myself, bc duke was on duty wah..ok NOW i'm done complaining). I found a secluded little beach and watched the sunset go down. And I stumbled upon a small little field of sunflowers! I just love it up there. 
 ^look at this beaute! Alson in Yomitan
 Best thing about Japan: I'm driving around fields of nothing but Sugarcane--farming town--but I'm dying of thirst. Japan says- "No problem! We've got vending machines in the middle of nowhere!" I passed about 5 on this road alone. SO AWESOME.
On Wednesday I met some girlfriends for lunch at the cutest little cafe called Cafe Green Green. It was a rainy day but this was the view out back! Not too shabby.
And right next door was a really cute store with tons of cute stuff, mostly baby/kid stuff. But look! Where the Wild Things Are in Japanese. Pretty cool. 
 THURSDAY, I drove about an hour north with some other girls to explore the beach on camp schwab. It was great and we were the only ones there! Always a plus. We also went to seaglass beach and stocked up on our seaglass and floated around.
 My little sunbather^ He loves lounging out there
I've been soooo busy these past few weeks working on projects around the house to get ready for baby. This crib is one of those lovely projects. I'll be soooo happy when I'm done with this beast!
Winston is my moral support :)
And that's whats happening with us over here in Oki world!

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  1. I love Araha! & that Where The Wild Things Are book in Japanese is too cool. I wish I had bought one when I lived there!

    -Adele ♡ { wildsunsets }