Yosemite's Giant Sequoias

Our last day in Yosemite we visited the Mariposa Grove of giant Sequoias. It's crazy how majestic these tall, beautiful trees can be. Also a little interesting tidbit: the difference between Redwoods and Sequoias- Redwoods are the tallest tree, with more slender trunks; Sequoias have the widest trunks. Now you know :). Enjoy the pictures...and go to Yosemite!!! You are really missing out if you haven't visited.
 my family! (that was there)
Looking at these pictures I can't believe how much my bump has grown-these were taken the last day of June, I was 23 weeks. Now I'm 28. What a difference 5 weeks makes.
 Jonathan in awe. 
 Jonathan & my dad
 I believe this is the Grizzly Giant- 1800 years old, 209 ft tall, 96 ft circumference
Ended the day with the best sunset on the way home.


  1. Ahh! Your trip to Yosemite sounds so exciting! I've always wanted to go there, and it's on our trip list definitely.

    -Adele ♡ { wildsunsets }

  2. Mickelle, your photos are beautiful and so artistic. I might want to paint one of your ocean or tree scenes if you are ok with that? You are very talented. It was great seeing you again and your cute tummy! Excited and happy for you.