Update on Life & Pregnancy

Hello! This will be a pretty random post. First off, my friend Annie had her baby. ^^ Isn't he the cutest?? Since we've been back from Fiji I've been trying to work on getting our house together and organized. It is really sad to admit that we've been in this house since November..so like 9 months...and there is still pretty much nothing on the walls! The biggest hold up has been that our walls are concrete, so I can't just grab a hammer and nail and go at it. I've finally got almost everything framed and I have a drill and THIS WEEK I tell you, stuff is going up!! We also finally got a coffee table and put half our fence in. We are making progress! 
I also starting working on the baby room today. I'm painting it white, which probably sounds really silly...and maybe it is. But I want it nice and bright and I also hear if you paint white you don't have to paint it back when it's time to move. Once I'm done painting, I've got to sand and paint the baby crib! So many projects. Still trying to find a dresser and glider/rocker for the baby room...preferably ones that require no painting or work. Anyways, there's nothing like having a baby on it's way to motivate you to get stuff done! 
One more of baby J in the best onesie ever. 
 Sunday church selfies with Coree
Always torturing Winston of course. It's one of our favorite pastimes. 
Last week Annie's parents were here and staying at the Hilton, so we had a little pool party there. It was awesome until it starting pouring! 
I've been working on being healthy and staying fit! With this whole Beachbody business I'm doing I originally bought a challenge pack which meant the program I bought came with Shakeology. I was pretty sure I was gonna hate the Shakeo stuff bc generally not into that kind of stuff. However, I was surprised, I didn't hate it! We don't keep many easy to grab (read:unhealthy) snacks in our house and so when I'm starving in the middle of the day I've been making me one of these and it's been doing the job. I also feel a liiitle better on the days I don't eat vegetables when I have one of these. Why is eating vegetables so hard?!?
Remember my rant about my Asos package? It finally came!! They had to resend it. Only bummer was that one of the shirts was wrong..and the one they sent was hideous. But I live for mail days like this^ one. They are theee best.

Yep, still pregnant! The pics above were taken at 30 weeks 6 days by my friend Anna. And below is 31 weeks 1 day. I walked into the gym and was a little taken back by my bump. We are growing. 
I'm in the 3rd trimester and I can't complain too much. I've got back pain everyday and sciatica that comes and goes. That's the worst part. Sleep is a little rough, but really not bad. I got myself a snoogle pillow and I will sing the praises of that thing all day long. If you are pregnant--just buy it and stop kidding yourself. 
I'm starting to get a little nervous about the birth part. I'm hiring a doula and just met with her last week. I've got a lot of reading and planning still to do. I'm one of those crazy people who wants to try to have a natural birth with the least interventions possible. I keep thinking things like, what if my baby is breech and I have to have a c-section?? And just worry that my baby is going to come too early and I will be completely unprepared (and without any family here-meaning duke or my mom). I know I'm just being a crazy person. Those have just been my thoughts recently. 
Also I bought myself a new planner bc I love stuff like that. I think it's kind of cute. Hopefully it will keep me organized too.
The skies have been SO good here recently. This was a couple days ago as I was taking Winston for a walk.
Yesterday there was this beautiful rainbow. Also probably not the safest thing to take a picture while driving in the rain. Just FYI.


  1. I want to hear all about your doula experience! After my labor and delivery with Reese I kind of think natural is the way to go. You can do it!

  2. swooning over the pictures of baby j ha ha. and you have the cutest baby bump!